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Progress Panel to See Your Results Instantly

  • Retirement Oracle™ lets you test alternatives and see the results instantly, stated in Today's $, so you know exactly where you stand!
    • Funding Progress
      • Will your assumptions and plans (if effective) create enough savings by the time you plan to retire?
      • How much savings will your plan generate?
    • Income Progress
      • Will your overall plan generate enough Income in Retirement?
      • How much Income will it generate with just your current savings?
    • Savings Longevity
      • Will your Retirement savings last as long as you hope to live?
      • How long can the last surviving Spouse expect to receive income if your plan works?
  • See warnings in Red, Yellow, and Green
  • See the bottom line in Today’s $
    • See your Retirement Savings excess or shortfall if you do not make any more retirement contributions
    • See your excess or shortfall with the future contributions you plan to make
    • See any excess or shortfall in Retirement income, stated in Today’s $ so you can understand the value
  • Retirement Oracle™ lets you See Your Future™