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Use and configure Retirement OracleTM to answer these types of questions:

  • How much income will I need in Retirement, considering my lifestyle choices, added medical and in-home services, and inflation?
  • For how long should I be financially prepared to live in Retirement?
  • How much less will I need to save if I include Social Security, a Reverse Mortgage, or other Retirement Income?
  • In other words, what's my annuity, pension, or social security payment worth in avoided savings?
  • How much more can I get from Social Security if I wait until ___ ?
  • What Rate of Return on my Retirement Savings do I need to achieve to make my plan work?
  • In other words, how aggressive do I (or my Investment Advisors) need to be with my investments?
  • What's my net savings target in Today's $ ?
  • Am I there yet? If not, how much do I still need?

What Omega Companies, Inc. and Retirement OracleTM will not do:

  • Omega Companies, Inc. and Retirement Oracle do not give investment strategies or recommendations, nor tax, financial, or legal advice. The User should contact his or her own Investment, Financial, Tax, or Legal Advisors to develop investment objectives and strategies, to select portfolios and specific investments, and to confirm the financial, taxation, or legal implications of those portfolios and investments.
  • Although it is a powerful and accurate calculator, Retirement OracleTM does not, nor does Omega Companies, Inc. guarantee your future results, as the assumptions provided (whether based on defaults or User inputs) may not reflect your actual costs of living, financial or investment results. Accordingly, actual results may be better or worse than the calculated outomes, with the potential for greater loss (or gain).


Retirement OracleTM is brought to you by Omega Companies, Inc., which has designed and built complex Decision-Models and Tools in a Fortune 50 environment since 2002. Our team of process-engineers, accountants, operations consultants, and programmers has successfully built and deployed a variety of business Tools...

·       for managing Financial Performance and Budgets

·       for forecasting Customer Outcomes

·       for modeling Production and Service Capacity and Bottlenecks

·       for conducting Breakeven Analysis

·       for calculating Optimal Staffing

·       for determining the Optimal Purchase Price of an Income-Property investment